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     Welcome to G33k WORX!!

     Bottom Line- you need help?  WE ARE THERE TO HELP YOU- no matter how trivial you may think it may be.


People excel at different things.  We excel at our wonderful world of computers.  From the smallest home pc problem to setting your small business up with everything you need, we can do it!


You are probably aware of who we are talking about when we say "the big boys"- their ads are shoved in your face on a daily basis.  But remember, their service is directly related to moving product out the door.  Where we are different is that we PERSONALIZE our service.  Every customer is like a "fingerprint" and needs their computer to perform different tasks.  We specialize in providing exactly what you need, not a selection from a menu of services.  There are many different things that we offer that they don't, at a price that is guaranteed to be lower than theirs


WE ALSO OFFER REMOTE REPAIR!  From our location, we can perform many repair services over your high speed internet connection while you watch in front of your computer!


Browse around our site to get a feel for what we are capable of.  We truly are a different kind of company, and take a personal interest in the satisfaction of our customers.


We are at your service.   We > Them 


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