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>Custom Artwork
>Email form submittal
>Web-based databases       
>Easy updating/changes
>Shopping Cart storefronts
>Credit Card Processing
>Very affordable hosting plans

Easy Authoring/Editing tools
Email account setup
>Training for DYI maintenance
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Website Design/ Creation: def: Well, I think you know this one.

Website Hosting: def: This is where your website is stored and also pertains to the administrative stuff that goes along with it, including maintenance and repairs. When we host your site, we are able to help you update, maintain, change, or anything else you may need done. We can also walk you through the things you need to know to be able to keep your website updated to your liking or change elements of it however you may want. repairing physical components of your computer, or repairing files or folders damaged by system errors, inadvertent deletions or overwrites, etc.  

      We meet with you and determine the look, content, and layout of the site you desire.  We then set to work on a "rough draft" of sorts to present to you for final changes.  We then get back to work and put the final polish on it until it meets your high expectations.  We concentrate on having an active line of communication open with you so that the finished product exceeds your expectations. 

     We have included a small sample of some of the websites that we have created, host, and help maintain. We offer good value, and don't like to use "cookie cutter" templates that make your site look like everyone else's. If you need custom artwork done, or other graphics, we are able to help you come up with exactly what you need. Whether it be simple websites to internet commerce sites (selling items online through your site) G33k W0RX can help you come up with the solution you are looking for. We will meet and get to know exactly what you are looking for, and involve you significantly in the design and implementation process. when the site is fully up and active, we can either serve as "webmaster" (the person who takes care of all updating, changes, etc.) or help you get to the point where you can perform all updating, changes and upgrades on your own.

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