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Virus/ Spyware: def: These are nasty little "programs" or pieces of programs written by "bad guys" who wish to harm your computer or you directly. They either come into your system secretly or "piggy-backed" onto what seems like legitimate files. Cause a various amount of damage, from stealing your personal information, collecting passwords and other keystrokes you make on your computer, to actually causing irreversible and permanent damage to hardware like your hard drive.

      More doom and gloom, but you need to hear it. Computer viruses are here to stay, preying on the computers who have little or no antivirus software installed, updated and configured correctly. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers are vulnerable to viruses, no matter what you see in the cute commercials. Granted, there are fewer viruses for Mac-based computers, but the ratio of Mac-based to Windows-based machines is small too. With the changes Apple has made, the door is swinging WIDE open to the computers that are MAC-based, but can run the Windows operating system. Either way, good antivirus, firewall, and antispyware software (all of which must be configured correctly and updated continually) is an absolute MUST for ANY computer- whether it is connected to the internet or not. Just opening a file off of one of those popular "jump drives" (small storage devices that plug into your USB ports to allow fast cheap file transfers) is enough to infect a computer that isn't even have the possibility of a connection to the internet.

     To be "safe", especially if you use the internet, you MUST have (at a MINIMUM):


A good antivirus program.  There are some good titles out there for either very cheap, or even free- BUT there is a reason.  They don't offer proper protection.  It's kind of like being "partially dead"- either you are dead, or you're not.  Same goes for the cheapies- you get what you pay for.  We can not only set you up with an antivirus solution that will keep your computer safe, but configure it so it will do it's thing (including keeping itself updated) without being intrusive or bothering you while you are using your computer. G33k W0RX can get you well taken care of.

A good firewall program.  Firewall is a good term used to describe what it does.  A firewall in a building is designed so that if a fire breaks out in an adjacent building, the fire won't spread to the next building because the firewall will stop it.  What a computer firewall does is keep the outside and "bad guys" out of your computer (or network), but let you still access the internet.  Configuration of the firewall is the key.  If you allow too much access to your computer, your computer can be at great risk, and to the other extreme, your firewall can completely block all access to the internet- either in or out (which makes it impossible for you to access the internet).  For example, a computer that connects to the internet can have an attempted access (bad) in less than a minute- as bad guys have tools to automate their searching for computers too.  A good example we have is a laptop that we recently performed an O.S. reload (see Reload/ Reformat), then installed and configured a quality antivirus program and quality firewall program.  In the course of 2 weeks there were 45 attempts to gain access to the laptop via the internet, and 0 (ZERO) successful intrusions.  G33k W0RX can install, configure, and even supply the software you need to keep your computer safe.

A good Antispyware/Malware program.  Spyware monitors what you do- the sites you visit, all the way up to keeping track of the keystrokes you make on the computer and your personal information.  Malware is another term for the same thing, but infers "mal" (bad) ware or software that does bad things- a generalized term.  Spyware and malware aren't usually as harmful as viruses, but that isn't always the case.  You would be surprised to know how common that spyware is- it can come piggybacked with cheap or free software, on some free or inexpensive games, or even those handy "toolbars" they try to get you to use for free because it will be so helpful to you."  A good spyware/malware solution will keep your computer safe and alert you to instances when you may be headed for trouble- BEFORE it happens. We can take care of this for you.

G33k W0RX can install, setup, configure, and furnish (or any combination of those) the antivirus, firewall, and antispyware software you need to keep you and your computer safe. CONTACT US for more information.

What we can do for YOU:
>STOP the problems! 
>Search and destroy the problem(s)
>Deep Scan your computer 
>Kill undesirable processes     
>Repair corrupted registry entries
>Remove corrupted traces
>Configure existing software properly
>Install & Config. top of the line solutions
Antivirus, firewall, and malware software
Set up auto updating
>Provide training for proper handling of attachments and surfing the internet

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