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Testimonial: def: A written declaration certifying to a company's character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation.  2. Something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

      We've included a few comments returned to us by our customers.  We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and actively pursue comments from our customers.  If a customer has a comment that is less than glowing, we immediately correct the situation so they are 100% satisfied.  We want our customers to be return customers, and tell others about their positive experiences.

     We have left out personal information out of respect for our customers privacy.  Here is just a short summary:

  • "G33k WoRx did a wonderful job setting up our family computer with different settings for kids and parents. We are very happy how it turned out.-TS

  • "Thanks G33kWorx!  Just what I needed, an indoor toy!  Now I can shop from anywhere in the house. -JD

  • "Keep up the good work!" -MS

  • "Had lots of viruses.  Not any more!- I didn't think this old computer had this kind of life left! Thanks!!" -PM

  • "I had trouble w/ the laptop my husband, XXX, bought this year. I couldn't log onto the internet for the past few days, although our pc logs on just fine. Thanks for making a housecall and fixing us right up!" -AR

  • "I thought my desktop was a goner.  Nothing I tried would do the trick.  You found a couple of failing components, recovered my large music file, and got me up and FLYING faster than I thought it could do.  I couldn't afford a new computer right now, and appreciate it TONS!" -CF

  • "Hi guys!  When I first met with you to get me out of prehistoric times and get my company doing the work it needs to on computers, I thought you may run for cover, but I'm glad I was wrong! Everything is going great, I finally can carve time for stuff other than business, and I've received many comments about our new snazzy business forms!  Thanks again." -MGT

  • "G33kworx, I had it with my old computer.  I threw it in the closet, I was so mad.  I'm glad I found you guys- nice job!" -MM

  • "I bought myself a new laptop to be able to take with me during the day, but I didn't know what I could do with it, and the stuff I DID manage to do looked awful.  Thanks for taking the time to get me started and set me up with some awesome new artwork and forms.  I'll be back, for sure." -LCS

  • "You saw my old computer.  I think Moses help build it.  We both knew it was done for.  I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg- the guys at (XXXXXXX XXXX) showed me the computer they thought I should buy.  I'm glad I called you before I bought it- you saved me a lot of cash.  Thanks for sitting with my wife and I and showing us what it could do- things have changed so much- I can't believe what I can do on this computer!!  Take care." -RK

  • "Hey, even though I'm technically not a customer, I have to say THANKS!  I came to you with my needs, and told you what I needed to do with my desktop.  You recommended a new system, and that mine was just too outgrown to be able to upgrade it cheaply.  Well, I bought the computer you recommended, and couldn't be happier.  If I need any help in the future, I will DEFINITELY give you a call. Thanks!" -P


What we can do for YOU:
>Purchase your system FOR YOU 
>OPTIMIZE for max performance
>Configure your system CORRECTLY       
>Unpack, hook up, and set up
>Install and configure software
>Setup virus protection
>Install spyware/malware protection
Configure Security measures
Set up and configure your firewall
>Install and configure SECURE networks.

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