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System Installation: def: What is needed when you bring home either your new or used computer and it is sitting there in it's boxes.  Also: What is needed when you bring home your second computer and you would like the 2 computers to be able to "talk" to each other (see also Home Networks).

     Alright, you have your computer home.  Lots of boxes, some cords, probably a few install CD's as well.  Doesn't look so bad, does it?  Partway into the setting up process, you may discover something isn't acting quite right or operating as it should, and it's bothering you. Maybe it's "kind of" running as it should, but it's just not the "comfy pair of shoes" you thought it would be?  Let us help you out.  We can take it from opening the boxes, to steps you desperately need to take PRIOR to connecting to the internet with the machine for the first time, to organizing your system to make sense and make everything you do more efficient.  Many maintenance tasks can even be automated to run at times the system isn't being actively used!

     A well set-up, quick, and smoothly running machine is much different from one that has been plugged in and turned on, and that crucial set up phase sets the tone for how your computer "acts" down the road.  With comparable maintenance, a poorly set-up machine will run very slowly and have significantly more "conflicts" (errors) than a system that has been well planned and executed.

     Or let's say you bring in a second computer.  We can set up your 2 computers to communicate with each other, share files, share printers, share resources, and MORE!  You can access and save files from one computer to the other, or even use portions of the computers hard drive for storage, if hard drive space on one of the machines is limited.  And if you have wireless network hardware (again see Home Networks), you can do this wirelessly.  Let's say you bought a laptop as computer #2.  Through a wireless network connection, you could literally sit in a comfy chair, access what you need from the desktop, save files to the desktop, print over the wireless connection, even surf the internet!  Get comfy and spend your time on the computer where you like!

     We also cannot emphasize strongly enough that an integral part of setup is security.  There are lots of bad guys out there that would love to get their hands on your private information.  The proper steps MUST be taken during setup to put the necessary security measures in place to protect your data, information, and identity.

     CONTACT US and let us help you with your system setup.  The minimal cost involved will be far outweighed by the benefits you receive in reliability, speed, efficiency, longevity, and security. 

What we can do for YOU:
>Purchase your system FOR YOU 
>OPTIMIZE for max performance
>Configure your system CORRECTLY       
>Unpack, hook up, and set up
>Install and configure software
>Setup virus protection
>Install spyware/malware protection
Configure Security measures
Set up and configure your firewall
>Install and configure SECURE networks.

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