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Software Installation & Configuration: def: Software is a program or programs that you run on your computer to accomplish what you want to do. Installing them not only refers to placing the program on your computer so it can be used, but more importantly CONFIGURING the software for ease of use with the look and feel that you desire.  

      It may seem that offering the service of software installation is something that any use can do themselves, and is not necessary to offer, but in fact it IS something that we perform on a regular basis, as there are many software offerings and settings on the installed software that can be done to make your computer more secure from the outside world, make it perform faster, and generally a much more pleasant experience. Customizing your software to your abilities, the tasks you wish to perform, the layout of the interface (what you see on the screen and interact with), and much more can be performed by G33k W0RX- leaving you to do what you want done, at the pace you want to do it.

An example of a recent customer:

     He called and asked if we could get his company into the "computer age".  EVERYTHING they did was using the "old-school" paper/filing cabinets/adding machine/typewriter way.  He wanted to do all of his accounting on the computer, company proposals, keep track of his customers and stay in good periodic contact with them, custom artwork, letterheads, yellow page ads, custom proposal and invoice templates, and business cards.  All in all a pretty good amount of work to be done.

     We were glad to take his project on, and delivered ahead of budget and ahead of proposed time period. He received everything he was after (and more- that's how we are) on a good SECURE network, and after keeping in touch cannot BELIEVE the time reduction needed to keep his company humming along.

     While you may never need the extent of service we provided in the above example, we are there to offer it if you do- even if you want us to come up with a simple high-impact yellow pages ad or a letterhead we're there for you.   

**ALSO OFFERED**: G33k W0RX can design custom software solutions to you needs. Whether it is for a small business or personal use, you tell us what you are looking for and we can design the software to accomplish what you are looking for it to do.  CONTACT US for more information and pricing.


What we can do for YOU:
>Recommend software titles that will be the best for what you want to do.
>OPTIMIZE their configuration for max performance     
>Customize their installation to fit what you need
>Design Custom Applications (databases, customer managers, preventative maintenance programs, extreme-level spreadsheets/reports, business forms/artwork/adwork, Custom QuickBooks configurations
>Tell us what you would like to do, and we'll provide an excellent cost-effective solution.

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