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Don't throw perfectly good hardware away!  REPURPOSE IT!  Click for details.

Repurposing: def: Using or converting for use in another format or product.   To find a new use for an idea, product or object.  Converting older desktops into viable, useful things around your home.

      Alright, you have an older computer.  You could throw it away (bad for the environment), OR, you could DONATE it for use by kids in the community (click here) OR you could possibly REPURPOSE it.

     Repurposing means turning it into something something else for use around your home or business such as:

  • A network server.  If necessary, we add storage space (hard drives), and configure it to run on your network to offer "always on" added storage for data, files, video, music, what have you.  It is easily configured to have areas private to only certain users for confidential data, and is a convenient way to get the extra storage space without having to resort to external drives- which for their size are expensiveAs an added bonus, with a network server, you get the added benefit of being able to use it as a print server.  If you have an older "not network ready" printer, it can be configured for use on the server, and then accessed by any computer on the network- all computers can now use 1 single printer! How nice is that?!?

  • A PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Think TIVO without the monthly subscriber fees.  An older computer, with proper hardware upgrades if it's needed, can be configured to be used as a personal video recorder- where you can do the things that you can with a DVR or TIVO unit- without the monthly fees.  Pause, fast-forward, and record live TV, as well as access your video, music, and image files.  Starting with your hardware, the cost is not much more than a dedicated PVR/TIVO/DVR unit, BUT you don't have to worry about the monthly/yearly FEES.

  • A child's entertainment/learning center. Here us out on this one- we can configure a computer so a child CAN'T corrupt it (unless a cup of juice spills on it- then you are on your own ;).  Here we go outside of the "wonderful world of windows" and step into an alternate operating system called LINUX.  An older (sometimes VERY OLD) machine can run Linux very well, and if you are not familiar with LINUX, it's an open-source (meaning 100% FREE) operating system that Mr. Gates would rather you not know about, but is gaining exponentially in popularity.  It is a VERY secure operating system- you really have no need to run antivirus/firewall/spyware/malware software on it- REALLY!.  We use the huge repository of available FREE software titles available and customize the computer for a child's use, and let me tell you, they LOVE it- their own computer, and YOU love it, because you aren't constantly trying to repair THEIR damage, because changes are ONLY permitted by the administrator, and no one else- something that Vista tried to get right, but failed miserably.

Contact Us for more information, and we can discuss pricing for any of these options, as price will be different based on the hardware you are starting with, and what you will need. 

Also, if you have an idea for your older computer, let's discuss it and see if it can be done cost-effectively. 

What we can do for YOU:
>Turn an older system into something else 
>Set you up with a file or media server
>Network your older printer       
>Construct a PVR system for tv/video
>Create a SAFE child's learning system
>Customize to your specifications
>Perform hardware upgrades to extend life
Cost-Effectively extend storage space.

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