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     We mean what we say when We > Them.  The "big guys" have a captive audience.  What better way to corral unsuspecting folks than before they even leave the store with their purchase.  Problem is- they take a huge advantage of that fact, to the detriment of your wallet.  Take a look at how we compare to them FOR THE SAME SERVICE!

The prices listed are current and accurate, and are for the same item, not a watered down version.  There are GREAT SAVINGS TO BE HAD!!

We > Them is not a whimsical slogan- it's OUR GUARANTEE!

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(obviously done at your site)


$300 DELIVERED$450$378 (plus $129 delivery and setup)

 Hardware Upgrades Installation
(Your site/ Our Lab) (hardware not included)


At your location$100not offered$140
In our Lab$30$30$40

 Reload/Reformat your Operating System
(Your site/ Our Lab/ Picked up and Delivered)


At your location$200$230$250
In our Lab$130$130$130
We pick up and deliver$170not offerednot offered

 Computer/Software Training
(Your site/ Our Lab/ Online)


At your location$120$160$160
In our Lab$85not offerednot offered
OnLine$80$90not offered

 Virus/ Spyware/ Malware Removal
(Your site/ Our Lab/ Online)


At your location$150$180$250
In our Lab$90$100$200
OnLine$100not offered$130

 Software Installation and Configuration
(Your site/ Our Lab/ Online)


At your location$100$130not offered
In our Lab$30$30not offered
Online$80not offered$100

 Hardware and Component Repairs
(Your site/ Our Lab)


At your location$60$140$160
In our Lab$50$40$40
 Data Recovery/ Backups


from$200They partner$260

(Install Basic/ Whole Home/ Set up Security) hardware not included


Install Basic$110$100$160
Whole Home$160 $260$200
Set up SecurityIncluded with any install$80$60

 Custom Applications (software)
(Work done at our lab, delivered to your site)


DeliveredCall or CONTACT USnot offerednot offered

 Websites/ Web Services
(Meet with you, work done in our lab)


Consult at your preffered location, work done in lab.$500 minimum charge plus $50 per page.  Add $2500 for shopping cart and credit card billingnot offerednot offered

 Maintenance/ Cleanup/ Tune-ups
(Your site/ Our Lab/ Online)


At your location$200not offered$250
In our Lab$150not offered$200

(Work done in our lab, then delivered to you)


At your locationCall or CONTACT USnot offerednot offered


**Please note**  If you are interested in something that is not listed, we probably offer it.  CONTACT US if you need something you don't see here, and we'll give you a guaranteed quote. 

      We don't sell TV's or washing machines- we are 100% computer and computer-related, and offer a great deal more variety to you as well.  This list is a way of showing you the savings to be had by choosing G33kWorx.

We > Them

What we can do for YOU:
>Save you MONEY!
>Provide a "one-stop" solution to your needs
>Perform repairs online from our lab       
>Provide services they don't
>Customize offerings based on your needs
>Pricing based on what you need
>Guarantee your satisfaction!

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