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Cleanup & Operating System Reloads: def: Starting from scratch. Erasing the current contents of your hard drive (Reformatting) and starting over. Reloading the central program that runs your computer. reason: Routine maintenance, cleanup, or repairs to the system have been neglected for too long of a duration, and as a result, starting over from the beginning is required.

      Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? It's really not that bad, in fact it's the best way to return your computer to that "brand-new" (or MOST TIMES BETTER) condition. While it's the best way to get optimal performance from your computer, it also is a fairly complicated process and shouldn't be attempted if your not sure of what you are doing. Getting a step wrong leaves you with an electric doorstop that is not capable of being a computer anymore. Now we don't mean to scare you by saying that, but it's not a process a novice should attempt. Before an operating system reload is done, all files you wish to have on the computer later on need to be backed up (copied to CD, DVD, external hard drive, or network location) so they can be copied back to the computer once the operating system is reloaded. It is your choice whether you do this backup yourself, or have us perform it.

     We begin the process with backing up all hardware drivers (programs that run the different pieces of your computer, like printers, monitors, etc.), and migrate any files and settings you may have missed. We then reformat the hard drive (clear out the contents of the hard drive), and proceed to install the operating system on the cleared-out hard drive. Once that is completed, we reinstall your drivers and any file and settings. If you desire, we can reinstall any software your previously had, or any software you wish to install, as well as restoring your backed up files.

     G33k W0RX can restore your computer to it's brand-new (or BETTER) speed and efficiency, just CONTACT US.

What we can do for YOU:
>Back up your data to DVD / external drive 
>Reinstall the operating system of choice
>Apply the latest BIOS upgrades       
>Install the latest drivers for your system
>Replace your backed up data
>Configure your system for performance
>Apply all security updates
Apply all system updates
Optimize startup (boot) times
>Install/ reinstall desired software

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