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 Network: def: A situation where computers are "linked together" either by means of wires (Ethernet) or wirelessly (no cables or wires) by utilizing a piece of hardware known as a router, and if necessary, wireless cards for the computer systems in the network that may need them. When 2 (or more) computers are "networked" they can have the ability to share files and folders, share attached printers, or other resources.    Privacy Policy Statement 

 Caution: Networking computers also means that you need to make sure your computers and network are safe from outside intrusion, as there are "bad guys" out there who would love to use your internet connection, or steal personal information from you. 

There are security measure that must be taken when networking your computers, a fact that MANY people do not realize, making their computer system wide open for anyone to do harm.  We at G33k W0RX know what needs to be done to make your network safe from outside intrusion.


     Along with the wonderful world of computers out there, there are a small number of "bad guys" who spend their time looking for computer networks that are unsecured (you would be surprised at how many are unsecured) and thus vulnerable to attack- whether that is stealing your personal information, or "piggy-backing" your internet connection- which slows the connection for you. An unprotected computer or computer network can be attacked in less than a minute after login (startup). With an unsecured network, you may not even be aware that intrusion has taken place until it's too late.

     Most networking component manufacturers hardware comes with security offerings in place, but there are a large number of folks who use the "plug and play" (a term referring to the ability to be able to plug a component in and start using it) philosophy when it comes to setting up their home network, essentially "leaving the front door" wide open to the bad guys. A recipe for disaster. We understand home networks and what it takes to make them safe, and if you CONTACT US, we can help you set up a safe, secure, and quality-performing home network for a very reasonable price.

What we can do for YOU:
>Purchase your equipment if desired 
>Install wired or wireless networks
>Install and configure home servers       
>Configure and install network printers
>Install firewalls and set them up properly
>Setup virus protection
>Set up security measures for the network
Install "whole house" networks
Configure shared files and folders
>Install and configure SECURE networks.

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