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Maintenance: def: Normally thought of as mundane, boring tasks that really do not need to be performed because today's computers run fine for a while, then you just replace them with a new system, when actually it is absolutely VITAL for the longevity of your system.   

      Lack of routine maintenance on your system shortens it's useful life. That is a FACT. For example- let's say you bought a new car. You simply got in it, turned the key, and drove it around. Every day. No maintenance whatsoever. No oil changes, no periodic service, nothing. just drive. How long would that car be for this world opposed to a comparable car that was properly maintained and serviced? Would it last even last HALF as long as a properly maintained vehicle? Probably not. Same goes for your computer.

     Your computer is a machine. Computers and their operating systems are not perfect. Please be patient for the long-windedness here, but this is the best way to describe it in layman's terms. :

     When you boot up (start up) your computer and begin using it, ever so slowly, the hard drive (think of it as the pages of a book) becomes a little more disorganized (like opening the book and switching the pages around). Also, over time, your registry (think of it as the index of the book) becomes cluttered with useless items, or the items contained in it are also in the wrong order. Now lets say that you wanted to find a particular chapter in the book. You go to the "index" (which by now may be nearly thick as the contents of the book) and look up the particular chapter you are interested in, just to find that is basically in a random order, making the use of the index at all an exercise in frustration. Okay, you finally DO find the chapter reference in the index of the book, and start heading to the page of the book, just to find that the pages have been put in no order as well. This is taking a long time, isn't it? FINALLY, you find the page you are looking for, and read the page, then turn the page over just to find that the next page that is SUPPOSED to be there is not, but has been replaced with a page that doesn't belong there! Now you have to find the next sequential page, which again takes forever...... Not fun.

     This is EXACTLY what is going on when your computer is operating without regular maintenance. Your hard drive becomes cluttered, your registry (the "index") becomes cluttered and disorganized (**NOTE: DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE REGISTRY ON YOUR COMPUTER UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING**), and that, combined with obsolete files and folders, slows your system down dramatically. What used to take a short time now takes a loooooong time.

     G33k W0RX utilizes the latest manufacturer-approved tools, methods, and updates to perform the maintenance your computer needs to stay up and running at it's optimum performance, accuracy, and efficiency. And to keep your system healthy, many of the required tasks can be set up by us to run automatically at times when you don't need to use your computer! CONTACT US to let us help you get your computer flying along again!

What we can do for YOU:
>OPTIMIZE for max performance
>Correctly Configure your system        
>Install automated defragmentation
>Optimize and repair the registry
>Install manufacturer updates
>Install driver updates
Configure startup for performance
Set up data backup solutions
>Create recovery solutions

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