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Hardware Upgrade: def: Replacing or installing new "pieces" of your computer system, whether it be an external component like a printer, a router (see also Home Networks), or an internal component like video cards, sound cards, memory, cooling fans, CD/DVD drives, hard drives, etc.  

      Sometimes internal components of your computer fail. It is a machine, and sometimes things like that happen. However, it is NOT a reason to pitch the computer. Hardware components are quite reasonably priced- even more so than you would think. Replacing failed components is a very cost-effective means to not only keep your system up and running, but also present an opportunity to upgrade the component to something it was not previously able to do. 

     Upgrading your components is an excellent way to greatly extend the useful life of your computer, at much less cost than replacing the entire system.
Have you found that you are starting to put more of a demand on your system, running more complicated tasks, and more CPU (the computer's "brain") intensive programs, and your computer is running them slower than you would like it to? A memory (called RAM) upgrade is a very cost-effective upgrade that shows excellent results- in effect "turbo charging" your existing computer.

     Similarly, graphics-intensive programs (photo-editing, movies, games) can perform poorly on a system with a cheaper video card. Oftentimes supplied OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) video cards are of poor quality when it comes to performance, and supplied in the original computer to keep costs down. Upgrading to an aftermarket video card makes things happen on the screen NOW! Graphics-intensive programs run faster, the quality of the image is improved, and the speed and quality of games is much improved.

     Also, with today's surround-sound systems available for computers, your sound card may not be able to output sound properly to the speakers, or the sound that does come through is poor quality. Upgrading your sound card is a very cheap way to get great sound out of your system- sound that you may not have thought would be possible from a computer at all.

     Storage space (hard drives) on the most recent offerings by computer manufacturers has been increasing quite a bit over the last few years, and the prices have dropped amazingly for hard drive upgrades, whether they be internal (preferred) or external (plugged into the outside of your computer). If you plan on storing a lot of information on your computer, like movies, pictures, etc., a hard drive upgrade is an excellent choice to make. The nice part about it is that many computers have space inside the case for an additional hard drive without the necessity of replacing the existing hard drive, thus adding additional storage is a quick and painless upgrade. With the additional space, backing up (making a copy of important files in case of a problem of some kind) files is easy, as it's a couple of mouse clicks and your data is backed up. CD and DVD drives installation is also something we can take care of for you.

     G33k W0RX would be happy to perform the hardware upgrades and installation you would like, and can either install the components you have purchased already, or supply the components and install them, as all components are NOT the same. While general specifications may be similar, the build quality and actual speed and efficiency of them is not. We supply only the best quality components available, but again, if you supply the component of your choice, we would still be happy to install it for you. Just CONTACT US and let us take care of your upgrades.

What we can do for YOU:
>Purchase and/or install memory (RAM) 
>Install hard drives and CD/DVD drives
>Network, sound, wireless, graphics       
>Configure with the latest drivers
>Install and configure software
>Install TV/HDTV cards
>Fix install attempts made by others

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