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Data Recovery: def: Restoring your important information that was lost due to an accidental deletion, a hard drive failure, or some other physical problem with your hard drive's contents.

      Alright, you accidentally deleted, or for some other reason, the information you need is not there on your hard drive where it should be.  Perhaps, your computer won't boot up, and you don't want to risk losing your important information

What we can do for YOU:
>Recover data from unbootable computers 
>Retrieve lost or deleted files
>Repair unbootable computers        
>Reinstall your important data into them
>Install automated backup solutions
>Create Recovery Disks
>Provide preventative measures
**Important note here:  Running the "System Recovery" utilities that come pre-installed on newer systems WILL NOT HELP YOU.  The System Recovery programs will wipe out your existing data!!!

If your computer will not boot- let us retrieve your important information for you- at that time we can also test whether your hard drive is failing (mechanically)- thus preventing future problems by trying to restore a failing drive.

     To get good restored data, it's best to not use the drive that has the information, so new data is not accidentally overwritten on the drive- once it's overwritten, the success rate on total recovery is not nearly as good as if we can recover the data immediately after the data has been lost

     When we perform a data recovery, there are several options available to you for what you want us to restore it to.

  • On a failed internal hard drive, we can install and recover the data to a new internal (or external) hard drive.

  • If the amount of data is smaller, we can restore it to CD's or DVD's.

     Look at it this way, if your system was destroyed by a tornado or something, what would you absolutely be crushed over losingTHAT is the data that needs to be backed up periodically.  Computers are machines, and machines DO break down- periodic backups ensure that you won't lose the things on your computer that mean the most

     G33k W0RX understands how important your data is, and stresses periodic backups to be done for any important data. CONTACT US for your recovery needs, as well as to learn about options for automatic periodic backups of your important data.

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