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Custom Builds: def: A Computer built exactly to your specifications after we meet with you and determine the budget, the planned use, and exactly what you are looking for- a computer built from scratch precisely for you that far surpasses anything you could ever buy off-the-shelf.  

      Off The shelf systems are made with the lowest price parts-bin components they can find, assembled in factories, stocked up with annoying trial-ware, and shipped to the stores.  They offer minimal warranties, and virtually no support (or the support they do have is more argumentative than helpful.  Is that something that sounds like a good deal?

     NO.  Let G33kworx help you out.  We'll sit down with you and thoroughly plan out just the right system for you.  If you need to keep a tight budget- no problem.  We can oftentimes get you set up with a custom system offering excellent performance, excellent upgradability, and unsurpassed warranty for just a little over $500.00!   Or, if you are desiring something on the opposite end of the spectrum, we can take your custom build as far as you want- all the way up to SSD drives, liquid cooling, multiple graphics cards, and custom finishes featuring automotive grade paints, custom graphics, and even custom plating of components (see example at right with no paint whatsoever- it is 100% plating- copper and oil rubbed bronze.   Name your price point, and we can work with it- offering top of the line components, and warranties on individual components that can stretch over THREE TIMES what the OEM computer manufacturers offer.


On Custom Builds, some of the examples of what can be done are:

  • Custom cases- almost any shape, size, and look is possible.

  • Custom finishes- whether it be paint, graphics, or plating.

  • Top of the line internals- offering unsurpassed warranties and longevity.

  • The ability to work within almost any budget- from the mild to the wild!  Starting @ $500.00 and up.

  • Network attached Home Server/ TV recording/ media streaming.

  • Latest technologies available anywhere- multicore processors, SSD drives, liquid cooling, lighting, you name it.

     Contact G33k W0RX. We would love to sit down and work up a custom build that is EXACTLY what you want, the price you are looking for, and the performance you won't believe!

What we can do for YOU:
>Build a system just for you- mild to WILD!
>Custom finishes- paint/graphics/plating
>Work exactly within your budget       
>Provide up to 3X the warranty
>Provide a better system for the price
>Amaze you with the performance

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