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Custom Applications: def: A piece of software designed specifically for the customer.  Modifying an existing piece of software to do things that the customer needs to do, but "out of the box" software falls short or is non-existant.  

      You want to use your computer to do a specific task, but no matter how hard you have searched, you find nothing that exactly fits the bill.  What to do?  Do you change what you want to have done to fit the available software titles, compromising your goals? 

     NO.  G33kWorx can set you up with an application that does what you want it to do- designed specifically for the task you want.


An example of a recent customer:

     We had a customer who needed a preventative maintenance/ repair application to keep track of his fleet of trucks- from repair records, to notifications when trucks were do for various repairs or maintenance.  There ARE existing offerings that fit the bill, but the fleet of trucks were in a seasonal type of operation, and existing software brought the trucks due for service even though they weren't being used at a particular time.  Hours and miles weren't an option due to variances in idling and mileage numbers.  We designed and implemented an application that allows for trucks to be "temporarily taken out of service", which fit the customers needs precisely, and as a result, the customer has been able to cut costs on unnecessary repairs. 

  • Do you need to manage contacts or customers in a specific way? 

  • Do you need to generate proposals/invoices/ or quotes in a more rapid manner and what is out there is not exactly what you need?

  • Would you like to have applications WORK with each other and not just "kind of tolerate" each other?

     Contact G33k W0RX. We would be pleased to talk with you and come up with an application designed, customized, and implemented specifically for YOU!

What we can do for YOU:
>Design an application to your specs 
>Customize it to your liking
>Configure programs to work together       
>Apply custom artwork for your business
>Automate commonly used tasks
>Provide training

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