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Cleanup & Repair: def: Cleanup can be either physically cleaning inside the case of your computer (even a small amount of dust can generate 10% more heat- shortening the life of your system), or cleanup can refer to removing files and folders that are obsolete or harmful to your system. Repair refers to either repairing physical components of your computer, or repairing files or folders damaged by system errors, inadvertent deletions or overwrites, etc.  

      A physical cleaning of the interior of your CPU (the case storing all of your computer's components) is recommended at least twice a year to keep your computer's components cool, as the enemy of your computer is the heat that it generates doing it's job. Even a thin layer of dust can increase the core temperature of your computers components by 10%, which translates into a shortened life span of the system. G33k W0RX is skilled at carefully cleaning the extremely delicate components inside the computer's case.

     A cleanup or repair of the system (non-physical) includes going through the contents of your hard drive and removing, repairing, or replacing files and folders that are obsolete, not needed, do harm, or are missing as needed to "clean up" your system, placing less of a load on the system, and in most cases, make it run faster.

     Repairing physical components of your computer is a bit different. Almost ALL of the components that are on the inside of your computer's case cannot be repaired cost-effectively (like a video card), but these components can be replaced at a surprisingly affordable price. Let's say that your sound card went on the fritz (no sound coming from the speakers, and it is shown that the speakers are operational, and all sound card settings are proper). A replacement sound card installed and set up is very reasonable in price.

     Keep in mind, that if system cleanup & repair (see also MAINTENANCE) is neglected, and attempting system (the hard drive) cleanup, repairs, or maintenance is too far gone to properly correct, all is not lost. There is also the option of reloading your operating system (see O.S. Reloads). This is basically wiping the hard drive clean, and starting over from scratch. However, keep in mind that while this is the optimal method of returning your system to it's "brand-new-out-of-the-box" performance, it also involves more time, as EVERY file you wish to keep needs to be backed up on either CD, DVD, or an external hard drive. You could perform all backup necessary prior to us reloading your operating system, or we can handle that for you.

     G33k W0RX would be pleased to perform the cleaning or repair services you need at an extremely affordable price. CONTACT US for more information.

What we can do for YOU:
>Disassemble and DEEP CLEAN inside 
>Inspect for potential problem hardware
>Diagnose hardware and file problems       
>Replace faulty hardware
>Inspect file system and remove clutter
>Optimize boot (startup) times
>Optimize system performance
Remove file clutter and organize
Configure for proper file structure
>Diagnose and repair faulty programs

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