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     G33k W0RX started as an occasional late night helping friends or a friend of a friend's getting their computer/system back up and running, or setting up new equipment, but has turned into a quite a bit more. We are proud to offer services to the entire Southeastern WI area. We have found over time, that most people's computers are very capable, but due to a common "turn it on and go" philosophy, they hit the recycle pile long before they are due. One of the computers that we personally have is an old HP Pavilion of a late '90's vintage that runs XP, current Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and even AutoCAD(!) just fine, but according to what you are bombarded with every day, should not be able to and is obsolete! Now if that were truly the case, "The Big Guys" would have a tough time shoveling new systems out the door now, wouldn't they?

We specialize in the kind of stuff that most people need, but either don't know or aren't comfortable with doing themselves- without the necessity of spending big money getting a high-overhead "squad" over to handle it. From setting up your new system, to keeping your older system performing up to it's true potential, G33k W0RX is the one to call to make it happen.

Out there in the every-day world, most office computers are not equipped with Pentium Quad Core processors and quad video cards. The majority of them are older, plain-jane computers that just plug along day after day- long after the manufacturers would lead you to believe that they are worthless and to be kicked to the curb. But yet they soldier on, performing their tasks with no problem, and just routine system maintenance to keep them healthy. If properly maintained, the dreaded "blue screen" is a rarity, with most problems occurring as a result of the computer operator, rather than the computer itself. We make this state of computer health as painless and cost-effective as possible.

This site explains what we can do for you and serves as a reference tool to help explain the different services we offer, and throughout the site, we'll try to keep things in "Plain English" as much as we can, as there are many who do not speak G33k. To those of you who are more experienced with computers, please don't think we are being condescending in any way. We just realize that different folks have different strengths, and ours is computers. For example we would NOT be the ones to call if you needed your hot water heater repaired, or replacement windows installed.

Take some time and browse around our site, and get familiar with the terms we use, and the services we offer. If there is something you would like us to help you with, please use our CONTACT US form, email us at or if it's an EMERGENCY, click HERE to call us directly.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the opportunity for your business!    

What we can do for YOU:
>Purchase your system FOR YOU 
>OPTIMIZE for max performance
>Configure your system CORRECTLY       
>Unpack, hook up, and set up
>Install and configure software
>Setup virus protection
>Install spyware/malware protection
Configure Security measures
Set up and configure your firewall
>Install and configure SECURE networks. >Make your computing experience FUN.

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